Individual Tax Reduction

This strategy is specifically meant for individuals earning high personal income lookingto reduce their total tax burden. It utilizes a unique, structured transaction that providesthe tax benefits of Flow-through Shares while avoiding the price risk and liquidityconstraint that usually comes with Private Placements. Before committing to a transaction, we always arrange a liquidity provider – […]

Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC’s)

Business Owners For owner managers renumerated by either taxable dividends or salary from theircorporations earning active business income, a corporate flow through will generate asignificant CDA credit that can then pay out tax free dividends to the owner managerwithout personal tax, and at the same time reduce their corporate tax liability. Sheltering Active Business Income […]


Enhanced Philanthropy The Enhanced Philanthropy strategy is strictly available to Canadian accredited investors only. To learn more about our Enhanced Philanthropy strategy and to discuss how it can work based on your own personal circumstances (including province of residence, income and tax characteristics), please contact us. Optimize Your Donation with a Hybrid Approach One can significantly reduce their […]