Ken Stern

After dedicating over 30 years to my role as a successful investment and insurance advisor, I sold and transitioned my business in 2017. However, my “retirement” turned out to be short-lived, as I quickly found myself feeling bored for the first time in my life.

The sale of the business left me facing a substantial tax bill. Fortunately, I discovered a tax-saving opportunity through a structured transaction involving Flow Through Shares, helping to alleviate the tax burden.

This discovery led to my “retirement job,” where I now help accredited investors pay less tax, and help registered charities by reducing the net cost of giving for their donors.

Since 2007 the firms I work with have sold more than $2 billion of flow-through shares, consistently delivering superior after-tax returns while saving clients significant amounts of tax. With our 100% success rate, not one investor has ever had a tax benefit denied or modified. These firms are registered as Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Beyond the financial aspect, this role is important for me as it keeps my mind sharp; I meet and interact with a variety of new people, overall provides a sense of purpose.

I have extensive public speaking experience, having been a featured speaker at prominent events such as the 2005 Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting in New Orleans and the World Hedge Funds Summit in Niagara Falls. Additionally, I spoke at the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) Hedge Fund Forum (November 2002), the ‘Canadian Elite Advisor Summit’ (May 2003), and the IFIC and Canadian Hedge Watch sponsored conference on ‘Hedge Funds for High Net Worth Investors’ (November 2003). I moderated a panel discussion at the World Hedge Fund Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario (December 2004).

In terms of education, I have a communications degree from Boston university, completed the Canadian Securities Institute course on Hedge Funds and the Strategy Institute course, Hedge Funds for High Net-Worth Investors. I’ve been a recurring guest on CHUM National Radio Network’s “The Money Show” with host Jerry White, made appearances on ROB Television, and was interviewed and quoted in the book “Investrends: The High Tech Economy” by Martha Wilson and Mark Evans.

Lastly, I was a founding member of the Academic Certification Board for the Chartered Alternative Investment Planner (CHAIP) designation, sanctioned by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC).

Ken is an avid golfer and enjoys running and cooking, however, most of his spare time is spent with his wife, his three sons and daughter.

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