Taking My Own Advice

Over the years I have talked with my clients about protecting and building their financial security, and the importance of taking steps to prepare for the future. To continue on this strategic path and to serve my client’s needs going forward, I am pleased to announce that while I have no immediate plans to retire, I have established a succession plan in order to ensure your financial health is looked after for the long term.

Over the past 7+ years I have been searching for an experienced and successful younger adviser to partner with who could provide an enhanced level of service and most importantly, could step in if I wasn’t available. I have met and considered a number of candidates and believe I have finally found the right person to move forward with into the future.

I am happy to announce my partnership with Paul Habert, also of Aligned Capital Partners Inc. Paul is an experienced advisor and financial services veteran, who brings with him a vast amount of industry knowledge and proficiency. He began his career in 1993, having served in many capacities at mutual fund companies, distributors and securities brokerages, including executive roles at a top tier wealth management company. For the last six years, Paul has grown a well-established financial advisory practice which caters to professionals and high net worth individuals. In addition to using Paul’s expertise in guiding your investment portfolio, over the next couple of years I plan to associate with him and his team at Hanser Financial, an insurance agency and financial planning firm.

Paul is looking forward to working alongside me, providing financial planning, investment advice and servicing client accounts. The addition of an experienced younger adviser will add renewed energy and drive – and most importantly, will place a fresh set of eyes on client portfolios and financial plans. Our combined perspectives, knowledge and experience will enhance the value we bring to our ongoing client financial relationships.

It’s business as usual but with added horsepower!

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