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Keeping Perspective – The August 2015 Correction or beginning of a Bear?

Ken Stern, Aligned Capital PartnersNo Panic, No Sell.  No Sell, No Lose!With the summer doldrums and lots of people being away on holidays, we’re in the right frame of mind to deal with an event that seems a lot worse than it is. Since the 2008 stock market crash, share prices have been up in five of six years (2011 …

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The Incredible Shrinking Rate of Return

Thane Stenner

Ken Stern, Aligned Capital Partners Rates of return going forward won’t resemble those you’ve gotten used to in the past. Investors can find plenty of advice about how to make retirement money last. Some financial planners tout the 4-per-cent rule, where you withdraw no more than 4 per cent each year from your nest egg. Others recommend working a few …

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Get The Right Insurance for YOUR Stage of Life

Understanding The New Wealth Surtax2

Protect What Matters Most. (click here) WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP, your parents probably told you to look both ways before crossing the street, eat your vegetables and brush your teeth before bed. This wasn’t to make your life less fun, but to help make sure you were safe and healthy. Now, as an adult, you want to make sure …

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How much are you paying for investments & advice? New rules tell you exactly how much.

Gi Carrickadvisor07rb1

Ken Stern, Aligned Capital Partners Now that the cost of do-it-yourself investing has been pounded almost into the ground, we need to do something about people who have advisers. A DIY investor can build a simple but effective portfolio of exchange-traded funds with commission costs of $10 down to nothing per transaction, and only a tiny cost of ownership. In …

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Optimize your after-tax income. If you own a corporation, listen up. You likely know some of these strategies.

Understanding The New Wealth Surtax2

When running a private business, you need cash flow to support your lifestyle. The challenge is minimizing personal taxes, while optimizing income. But removing money from your company for your benefit requires careful planning. Here are some of your options to extract cash. Each has unique considerations and income tax consequences. Salary and/or bonus These options are deductible by the …

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There are many reasons to buy life insurance – some of which may surprise you. Here are 6 good ones.

Life Insurance Senior Couple

For many people, their first experience with life insurance is when a friend or acquaintance gets an insurance license. In my case, a college friend, recently hired by a major insurance company, contacted me (along with all of his other friends) to buy a $10,000 policy underwritten by his company. Unfortunately, however, this is how most people acquire life insurance …

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Do you think Estate Planning isn’t for you? Think again. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Signing Testament

To say estate planning can be problematic is a gross understatement. Administering an estate can be compared to undertaking a renovation—it’s almost guaranteed something will go wrong. It can be relatively minor, or land the estate in court and cause irreparable harm to family relationships. Most problems can be avoided or minimized and managed via good planning. This involves more …

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When should you take CPP? If you’re 60 or over it’s worth considering. Here are the break even points.

2012 1024x768

By far, the most popular question I get on CPP is whether it makes sense to take CPP early. Let’s start by reviewing the rules. Although the normal age of benefit for CPP is 65, you can take CPP as early as age 60 but if you take it early, you will receive a reduced amount. A change in reduction …

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Don’t bank on an AVERAGE retirement. You could drown in a river with an average depth of 1 foot!


The four most dangerous words in long-term financial planning are, “Let’s assume I’m average.” Averages can play an extremely useful role in grounding our expectations and showing us what’s realistic and what’s not. They’re not, however, an infallible guide to how you should conduct your affairs, because they don’t show you the gap between worst and best cases. >>Read more

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The stock market problem: Too much up; not enough down. Corrections are part of investing.

Ken Stern, Aligned Capital Partners Too much up, and not enough down. That’s the problem with the stock market today, believe it or not. Investing pros are worried that after a five-year surge to new highs, the stock markets are going to fall. They will fall, and it will be ugly. Expect screaming headlines and big play on TV newscasts. …

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