Segregated Funds

Guaranteed Investment Funds (sometimes called “Segregated Funds” or “Individual Variables Annuity Insurance Contracts”) are basically enhanced Mutual Funds. They come with a protective wrapper provided by an Insurance company.

They come equipped with a guarantee.

At least 75%, and in some cases up to 100%, of the initial investment is guaranteed upon the maturity of the premium deposits or the death of the planholder, regardless of what the funds are worth on the market at the time.

You get the full potential for growth and the comforting protection of a guarantee.

Life insurance companies often partner with mutual fund or money management companies in offering these funds. The partnerships are structured so the money management company handles the investing of the money and the administration of the contracts and the insurance company issues the contracts and provides all the guarantees that are associated with them. The deposits are insured by the underwriting insurance company, not CDIC or Assuris.

If you have questions about whether Guaranteed Investment Funds are a suitable investment for your portfolio, please contact our office.